Goat Simulator comes to Steam this spring (video)

Goat Simulator

Last week a trailer for a ridiculous Goat Simulator game was released on the internet but as a joke, right? As it turns out, the game is very real and coming to Steam this spring to fulfill your fantasy of being a goat you never knew you had. According to developers Coffee Stain Studios, Goat Simulator will be “The next-gen goat simulation game you’ve always wanted to play.”

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Coffee Stain Studios created Goat Simulators to pay homage to the classic skating games so expect to perform ridiculous back flips, and 360 spins as a goat in the game. Obviously the game isn’t to be taken seriously as a true goat simulator, otherwise you’d be grazing for hours and eating garbage.

Goat Simulator and its developers have a good sense of humor. “‘Goat are stupid and no one should play Goat Simulator’ – Sheep worldwide,” reads a quote in the press release. “We hired a full team of free to play/mobile experts AND psychologists. They all agreed this idea was stupid, so we decided to ship it!” writes Anton Wesbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios.

Goat Simulator is up for pre-order now on its official site for $9.99. The pre-order will grant beta access when available and will provide a full Steam key when the game launches.

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