Goats beware, now there’s Bear Simulator

Farjay Studios has opened a Kickstarter campaign to make Bear Simulator, a game where you play as a Bear, doing “bear things” like exploring, eating fish and ‘striking down anything that dares stand before your might.’

The project is clearly tongue in cheek, but it’s hard not to see an element of jumping on the Goat Simulator bandwagon. We wouldn’t complain about that though, as animal sims are very thin on the ground. Farjay is clearly quite ambitious for the game, saying it will be ‘like a mini Skyrim but you’re a bear’. That may also be a joke.

Currently the game looks a lot like a bear/jungle version of last year’s Catlateral Damage, where you play a cat causing as much damage at home as possible (requires Unity).

Check out the trailer:

Default player

Bear Simulator still has a way to go to meet its Kickstarter target, and there is still almost a month for people to pledge money to support the project. Check it out here.


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