Good news: eighth Harry Potter announced

Good news: eighth Harry Potter announced

This week, Harry Potter fans around the globe received some fantastic news: the release of what will be the eighth  book in the Harry Potter saga. The book (named “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”) will be released on July 31st this year, which just so happens to be Harry’s birthday (but you already knew that, right?).

Unlike J K Rowling’s other work, this book comes in the form of a play script, from the hit play in London’s West End, which she co-wrote with Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. Obviously, not everyone can attend the play to get the full story, hence the release of it in book form.

Obviously,  it won’t be the same as her previous stories, but at least the story will continue and we’ll get a clearer idea into the life of one of the world’s most famous wizard.

Source: Pottermore

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