"Well, nice and cheap": this is how you could earn money with Discord in the future

Discord will allow you to sell digital products on your server.

"Well, nice and cheap": this is how you could earn money with Discord in the future
Pedro Domínguez

Pedro Domínguez

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Discord wants content creators to be able to sell their digital products on its platform. Discord’s Product Manager, Derek Yang, announced this week in a blog post that they plan to add a feature that will allow creators to earn money from their communities by selling digital products through one-time purchases.

“We’ve heard your feedback: you want more ideas on what to offer, more tools to add value to your subscriptions, and the ability to sell different types of products on Discord,” Yang says in the post.

This upcoming Discord feature would allow content creators to sell all kinds of digital products, including wallpapers, logos, game guides, or e-books. All of these would be sold in the Server Store, a feature that is currently also in the testing phase.

Additionally, Discord is adding templates to server subscription levels, one of the main monetization avenues for content creators on this platform. With these templates, content creators can easily and quickly start monetizing their servers by choosing the ones that best suit their desired price, perks, and goals.

Lastly, Discord has introduced Media Channels, a new type of channel where various types of files, such as photos and videos, can be uploaded. This would allow content creators to have channels specifically dedicated to uploading multimedia files (such as memes) and nothing else.

But these are not the only announcements made by Discord. Recently, the platform announced new integrations with ChatGPT that would benefit Clyde, the platform’s bot. In addition, starting this week, all Discord Activities are free indefinitely, without the need for a Nitro subscription.

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Pedro Domínguez

Pedro Domínguez

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