Good reason to switch to Mac? No crapware

Good reason to switch to Mac? No crapware

Mac ad on crapware bloated PCsBloatware, craplets, crapware…call it what you want, but the software that usually comes preinstalled on new computers isn’t always welcome by users. In fact, more than often, you find that you don’t really need what comes prepackaged or that it simply isn’t the application you would have chosen for the same task. Having crapware preinstalled on your new computer is annoying, not only because it takes up space which could be better used for something else, but it can also be a hassle to uninstall.

In a twisted move that InsanelyGreatMac report on, some PC manufacturers can try cashing in on bloatware simply by offering “crapware-free” PCs for a higher price. This is what Sony has done by offering their latest line of Sony TZ’s with the “Fresh Start” software optimization for $50 extra. It seems the critics have gotten to Sony though as they have recently decided to drop the price tag for Fresh Start, however they’ll still require you to buy their PCs with Microsoft Vista Business Edition, which costs $100 extra, if you want them clean of any crapware.

This is where Macs are simply an unbeatable alternative. Apple’s line of computers only come with proprietary applications for essential daily tasks, such as the iTunes media player, Apple Mail, iPhoto, iMovie and a trial version of iWork’08, Apple’s office suite. When you buy a Mac you know exactly what sort of programs are in the bag. And if you need to install programs there is nothing easier to do. Simply download the program’s disk image, open it, drag the program to your Applications folder and you’re ready to go. If after trying the program out you realize that it’s not what you want, just drag it into the Trash Can on your Dock and you’re done with it.

[Via: TUAW]

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