Google adds Places Feature to Mobile Search

Google adds Places Feature to Mobile Search

Visit Google on your phone today and you’ll notice a new option on the search page – Places. This is a handy tool for finding places nearby that you might be interested in visiting.

Google Places for mobileGoogle Places was originally available as a standalone app for iOS and as part of Google Maps in Android. Now it’s available as an option on any Google search page on a mobile device. You can search for places by keyword near your location (or specify a location) or browse nearby places by category (bars, coffee shops, ATMs, gas stations, etc.)

You can view photographs of places, read customer reviews or phone businesses directly from your device, among other options. Google Places is well worth remembering, especially the next time you run out of gas somewhere or need to get to an ATM in an unfamiliar area!

The integration of Places is part of several changes Google is making to its mobile search products. Watch today’s Inside Search presentation from Google to find out more.

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