Google & Apple big launches preview – Our final thoughts

Google & Apple big launches preview – Our final thoughts

It is finally September, which means Google and Apple are getting ready to launch their newest, shiniest products to drain our pockets, dump our 1-year-old phones, and provoke arguments with our partners. But that is ok because Mr. Smith from the bank will soon be calling about your maxed-out credit cards and he’ll be probably up for a chat.

Let’s round up what you can expect this week, starting with Apple.

iPhone 7

Apple raised a storm when rumors first suggested that they were doing away with the headphone jack on their latest iPhone. If it’s true, then as Steve Jobs and Tim Cook would say, “this changes everything”. And in some ways it would. Apart from that, expect the obligatory 50% faster this, 30% better that, just enough to make you feel that the iPhone 6S is as cutting edge as Sony Walkmans.

iOS 10


It’s going to better than iOS 9, obviously. I mean, there’s no doubt that there’ll be many new features, but we’re expecting a nip and tuck more than a lose-50-pounds, dyed-your-hair-blue, get-a-nose-ring kind of massive overhaul. You should look forward to the new notifications screen, and the ability to delete stock apps (like that useless Tips app). For more, see here.

And on the other side of the ring, and some would say the tastier option to fruit, Google.

Android Nougat


Nougat, however you pronounce it – Nugget, Noogah, Newget, Nuggit, is Google’s greatest and gooeiest version of Android. Under the wrapper, expect to find a brand new app drawer, split-screens, battery-saving doze mode, and many more new features. The update is currently being rolled out to Nexus devices, and for the rest of us, it’ll depend on your smartphone manufacturer and mobile service provider. For more, visit here.

Nexus Phones

And if you crave to sample the sweetest Google treats before everyone else, then getting a Nexus device is like a lifetime VIP ticket to the Super Bowl. Just around the corner are the latest generation of Nexus devices and although nothing has been officially revealed yet, plenty of rumors are making their rounds. Such as it being HTC-made, latest Snapdragon processors, 4GB RAM, possible a QHD screen, but most excitingly, a pressure sensitive feature like Apple’s 3D touch. If you’re planning on getting a new Android phone, it’d be wise to starve off the craving at least for a few more weeks.

What are your thoughts and predictions? Share them in the comments below.

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