Google Calendar wants to bring out the best in you

Google Calendar wants to bring out the best in you

Google Calendar for Android is a popular and great tool for creating reminders and setting appointments. But now, Google has gone one step further and introduced “Goals” – a new feature that aims to help you be the best that you can be. Sounds deep huh?

The new “Goals” option allows users to create objectives for basically anything, and will do its best to make sure they darn-well do them! This can include anything from setting some time aside to read, doing a fitness routine – basically any activity you’d like to spend more time doing!

In order to set a goal, just click the “+” button on the app and select the option “Goal”. You’ll then have to answer a few simple questions (pretty straight forward). After doing so, Google will look for holes in your schedule where you can devote a bit of time to doing said activity, as well as send you a few notifications to give you a little bit of much-needed encouragement.

You can get a better idea of how Goals works in this video:

At the moment, it seems that this new option has not been made available on all handsets. If you find you don’t have this option, fear not, you will do soon!

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