Google Chrome 23 released with controversial Do Not Track support

Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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google chrome icon newGoogle released its latest stable version of the Chrome browser, version 23. In this version, Windows users will gain support for GPU-accelerated video decoding for better performance and battery life (up to 25% better). Users will also get the controversial “Do Not Track” feature, which opts users out of targeted advertising.

While Do Not Track is opt-in only, there are many advertising companies that feel Do Not Track will provide a sub-par user experience.

Here’s how to update and turn on Do Not Track.

update google chrome

Chrome usually automatically updates but if you want to force it to update, click on the ‘menu’ button in Chrome and then hit ‘About Google Chrome.’ A new tab will open up and Chrome will automatically begin checking for updates. If you’re running an older version, an update should start downloading. Once it’s done downloading, just restart the browser.

google chrome do not track

The Do Not Track feature is buried in Chrome’s ‘Advanced settings’ in the settings tab. Under ‘Privacy,’ you’ll see a check box to enable Do Not Track.

It’s understandable that many advertisers are upset about browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome supporting Do Not Track, it’s up to the consumer to decide whether he or she would like advertising that tracks and provides relevant ads to his or her interests.

Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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