Google Currents launches for iPhone and Android

Google Currents launches for iPhone and Android

Right on the heels of Flipboard’s release on iPhone, Google has launched its own social reading app called Currents.


Released for iPhone and Android smartphones, Google Currents aggregates content from online feeds and individual sources like blogs and compiles it in an easy to read magazine format. You can browse stories, and when you find one you like, importing it is a one touch snap. Once imported, you can come back to the article later, even if you happen to be offline.

You can read content with Google Currents in either landscape or portrait views, and the app scales to the size of your mobile device in impressive fashion. The service also syncs across multiple devices so you can take your content virtually anywhere you happen to go.

While Google Currents requires some initial customization to set up the publications you want to subscribe to, the eventual benefits of being able to take your content with you on the go will likely outweigh the minor inconvenience of set-up.

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