Google Desktop to offer free SMS texting

Google Desktop to offer free SMS texting

orkutOne of Google Desktop’s coolest features is the social networking tool Orkut. Until now, it was very much an online networking tool allowing you link up with likeminded people or search for “romantic interests” as Google put it. However, Orkut is now branching it out into the offline world by enabling users to send free SMS messages to mobile phones.

At the moment, it’s only available in Brazil where they’ve come to an agreement with a local mobile network but if all goes well, the plan is for a worldwide rollout this year. The new SMS feature means Orkut’s special ‘scrapping‘ feature will be extended to mobiles, allowing you to do it on the move and pretty much anywhere else you’ve got an internet connection. Google also promise some new “hidden goodies” in the new Orkut which only the “adventurous” will find.

Whether this is yet another Google masterstroke remains to be seen. Other similar projects have been plagued with technical difficulties and commercial problems with the networks. Also, the fact that most people text while on the move makes us wonder whether it really will take-off.

In the meantime, keep an eye on your orkut account as when its finally available in your country, there will be a message from Google telling you how to get started.

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