Google Drive is changing

Google Drive is changing

If you’re a Google Drive subscriber who pays for storage on the cloud platform, things are about to change. Even better, things are about to get cheaper. In a blog post, Google has announced that Google Drive storage plans will be replaced by its new Google One storage plans. Also, Google has responded to one of the most common requests it received about Google Drive:

“With Google One, you can add up to five family members to your plan and simplify storage under one bill. Everyone gets their own private storage space as well as the additional benefits of Google One.”

Not only will users be able to share their Google Drive storage with family members, but they’ll also have “one-tap” access to support from Google experts. Google is also planning on offering Google One subscribers further benefits like credits for the Google Play Store and deals on select hotels found using Google search.

Google One subscriptions represent more bang for your buck than Google Drive subscriptions. $1.99 a month will get you 100GB of storage and $2.99 will get you 200GB. There are larger subscriptions like $9.99 for 2 TB going all the way up to 30TB of cloud-based storage for $299.99 a month.

If you’re a Google Drive subscriber, you’ll be switched over to Google One in the next few months. For everybody else, if you’re interested in Google One, Google hopes to roll it out worldwide before the end of the year.

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