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Google Fit helps you track all your health and fitness data

Google Fit helps you track all your health and fitness data
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We all knew Google Fit was coming and now the app is finally here. Google Fit will compete with Apple’s Health app as a hub for all your fitness and health data.

The app allows third-party app developers and devices to send and organize data so you’re not limited to using specific Google products and apps. For example, Fitbit can send your steps and calorie data to Google Fit so you get all your data in one app. If you use multiple fitness apps and wearable devices, you won’t have to use specific apps for each device.

Google Fit combined

Android Wear, Google’s smartwatch platform, is also supported. Fit will display everything from walking running, cycling and more. Data is broken down into easy to read charts and graphs to help you visualize your goals. Note: activating Google Fit will reset your step count on your Android Wear smartwatch.

You’ll need to log into Fit with your Google account but you will be in control of your data. If you don’t want tracking on all the time, you can input data manually.

Google Fit is still a new application so expect some bugs. Try it for your self by downloading it at the link below.

Download Google Fit for Android

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