Google helps you with family tech support

Christmas is the time when many of us go back home – an opportunity relatives usually make use of to invite us over to have coffee… and fix those computer problems that have been dragging on for months. If you want to save yourself the pain of being the family’s official tech support during this Holiday Season, take a look at Teach Parents Tech.

This awesome online service created by Google provides you with a plethora of videos about the most frequently asked tech-related questions, organized in several categories: from the basics like how to change the desktop wallpaper, to more advanced stuff like making calls from your computer or tracking a flight’s status.

Teach Parents Tech is very easy to use. The website displays a letter template with a few predefined sentences, to which you attach as many videos as you want. Then you customize the letter with your name and the recipient’s name, and you can send it by email right away. Mission accomplished: it only takes a couple of minutes on your side, and your relatives will be happy that you helped them. What a brilliant idea!

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