Google Inbox brings email into the 21st century

Google Inbox brings email into the 21st century
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Remember those leaked screenshots of the alleged Gmail redesign? The screenshots showed a completely redesigned inbox with the ability to pin and set reminders. Today Google announced what those screenshots were all about: Inbox.

Inbox isn’t an updated version of Gmail but a completely different and new app. It combines elements of Gmail and Google Now to help you get things done.

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At the surface, Inbox looks and works similarly to Dropbox’s Mailbox app (Android | iOS). You can use gestures to perform different actions like archiving messages. Another feature similar to Mailbox is the ability snooze or turn emails into tasks. Reminders can be time or location based.

Nexus 6 Inbox appWhere it differs is how it intelligently groups messages. Instead of having separate inboxes for different categories like Gmail currently has, Inbox will group together like messages so you can act on them in bulk.

For example, if you have a bunch of emails about your hotel reservations and flight info, it’ll group all of those emails into a “Travel” section so that you can access the information quickly.

Inbox also taps into the power of Google Now, putting relevant “cards” into your inbox. This means you will see reminders for meetings and flights inside your inbox.

Even if Inbox is successful, Gmail isn’t going anywhere. Inbox relies on Gmail’s structure to function. I can see Gmail as a product for the traditional email user while Inbox will be more useful for users who want their email to be intelligent and automated.

Inbox is currently invite only and supports Android, iOS and the web. You can ask a current Inbox user for an invite or you can email for an invite.

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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