Google I/O 2014: Google Docs gets native Office editing

Google I/O 2014: Google Docs gets native Office editing

Google Docs can finally edit Office documents without conversion. Previously, Google Docs had to convert Office documents before users could perform edits.

Since Google Docs is available on mobile and desktop, you can work on your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations wherever you are and on any device. While Google Docs works best when you’re online, there is an offline mode for when you can’t find a connection. Your work will sync with the cloud as soon as you hop back online.

To celebrate, Google is releasing an Android version of Google Slides today. Google Docs and Slides are already available on Android and iOS.

Google Docs suggested edits

New to Google Docs are “suggested edits,” which allows collaborators to suggest edits. You can then approve or reject them, similar to Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” feature.

Microsoft should be worried, as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are now a viable replacement for Office. While Microsoft Office costs $9.99 per month (or $99.99 per year), Google Docs is completely free.

Download Google Docs: Android | iOS

Download Google Sheets: Android | iOS

(NEW) Download Google Slides: Android

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