Google Keep now available in Chrome

Google Keep now available in Chrome

google keep iconGoogle’s minimalist note taking app, Google Keep, is now available as a Chrome extension. Last month, Google released Keep for Android and now you can quickly jot down thoughts in Chrome as well. This makes it easier to access your notes without having to go to your phone or into Google Drive.

The Google Keep Chrome extension will open up in its own window so users can easily create notes, check off to-do lists, attach photos, and more. For those with spotty internet connections, you can rest easy as the extension will work offline.

While Google Keep is a solid note taking tool, its features are very basic. Competitors like Evernote have a more fleshed out ecosystem of apps for the desktop, browser, and phones that make it more useful for advanced users.

google keep extension

If you just want a service to jot down simple notes or to create basic to-do lists, Google Keep will work well for you.

Source: Google Chrome Blog

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