Google launches recipe search engine

Google launches recipe search engine

Today the search engine giant Google announced the launch of a search engine dedicated to finding recipes for all your cooking-related endeavors. Currently located in the More tab of your Google search immediately under the Shopping view, all you have to do is type in a favorite dish, and Google has you covered.

This might seem like a relatively small niche area to be diving into, but Google claims its popular search engine receives about 10 million recipe searches a day. This is a mere one percent of Google’s entire daily search volume, but it was apparently enough to give the topic some attention and development.

This is a great service for anyone who just wants some great recipe suggestions and those who are more health-conscious alike. Users can now search recipes for a variety of different factors such as calorie counts, individual included or omitted ingredients, cook time, and recipes from particular online cooking publications. It’s even possible to search recipes based on holidays and get some great results.

Move over, web and phone apps like Foodily and Epicurious. There’s definitely a new recipe finder in town, and its scope is undeniably impressive.

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