Google makes searching for animated gifs easier

Google makes searching for animated gifs easier

google iconGoogle has updated its image search feature on the web to make it easier to search for animated gifs. If you don’t know what a gif is, it’s basically an image file that plays back a bunch of still images on a loop. These are prefect for capturing a short scene. Twitter’s Vine service gets its influence from animated gifs, but uses video instead of a bunch of still images strung together.

To access this new feature in Google Images, all you have to do is click on the button that says “Search Tools” next to the “More” dropdown menu. Then hit “Any type” and select “Animated.” That’s it! All the results will show animated gifs for you. This is a good time to explore all of the other search tools that Google Images provides.

An additional nicety that Google added is the ability to look for images with transparencies, which is great for looking up icons and other clipart.

google images animated gif search

Now you can annoy all your friends by responding to them with animated gifs.

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