Huge Google Maps update improves turn-by-turn navigation, adds Uber integration

Google maps Uber

Google Maps for Android and iOS is receiving a huge update today. Turn-by-turn navigation is improved with quick access to alternative routes and lane guidance. Uber is also integrated into the app, allowing you to compare travel times with Uber. If you have the Uber app installed, you can launch it within Google Maps with one click.

Google maps Uber

Offline mode makes its debut on iOS and is now easily accessible within the menu on Android. Select “Save map to use offline” to save the selected area. You can give the map a custom name to search for it later. Previously, Google Maps hid the offline function by requiring users to tap on the mic and saying, “OK, Maps.”

Public transit directions have been improved with departure times for the next bus or train. The update also adds more business information making Maps a useful tool for finding nearby restaurants and shops.

For a full list of changes, check out the source link below.

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