Google Maps: Now With More Planets, Moons

Google Maps: Now With More Planets, Moons

This week Google added a cool feature to Google Maps. Now you can explore 16 moons and planets in our solar system, using nearly half a million images gathered from the Cassini probe and other spacecraft.

To view these planetary maps, just go to the Google Maps website and make sure you’re in Satellite mode (click the box in the lower-left corner of your screen). Then zoom out until you can see the entire planet Earth. A menu will appear, giving you the option of browsing other planets and moons. You can then zoom in and look at the terrain of the planets in greater detail.

Source: Google

Don’t forget to stop at the International Space Station while you’re there–Google has added a Street View of the space station, so you can look around the station and gaze out the cupola at Earth. Bon Voyage!

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