Google Maps soon to offer its own personal trip advice

Google Maps soon to offer its own personal trip advice

Can anyone actually remember what navigation was like without Google Maps?

Over the years, we’ve witnessed many fantastic features being introduced to the app – and this one is no exception.

When using the app to find directions to somewhere local, you’re currently provided with a transport suggestions, along with train times, distances, expected trip duration, etc. Google will soon be offering us the best option for travelling to a specific destination, making your trip as simple and efficient as possible.

Google wants to make your trip as quick as possible, and saves you from having to use other apps to determine the best way to get to your destination. The update will be introduced to Android over the next couple of days, and will shortly be announced on iOS.

As part of this project, Google will also be collaborating with its parters in certain countries such as Uber – which will appear as one of the options on your results, along with taxis available in close proximity.

This is great news if ever you find yourself late for a meeting or need to get to the airport and not familiar with the city. Who knows- maybe you’ll even find a quicker route to the office that you didn’t know about?

Let us know how it goes for you!

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