You can now buy movie tickets from a Google search on your phone

With the premiere of “Avengers: Endgame” now less than two weeks away, it seems the perfect time for Google to partner up with some movie ticket purchasing platforms. So that is exactly what happened. With the biggest movie of the year upon us, it has never been easier to buy tickets to the movies.

Google adds feature to iOS and Android that enables you to buy movie tickets directly from a search

Cinema tickets by Google

Google has partnered with a few movie ticket booking sites and platforms to offer you tickets from within a Google search. According to Inc42 these partners include BookMyShow, Paytm, and INOX so you can now book tickets to your local cinema as an endpoint to a number of different search queries.

Thanks to the change, you can now make searches like “movies” or “cinema showtimes” and Google will show you a new widget. The cinema widget will show you local theaters, movies, and showtimes and you’ll be able to select the movie you want to see, the cinema where you want to go and see it, and then the showtime you’re interested in.

buy cinema tickets with google

From there, you’ll be presented with the new option to buy tickets. If you’re able to buy the tickets through one of Google’s new partnerships, you’ll be able to buy the tickets directly from the widget. If not, you’ll be given the option to buy the tickets online at the cinema’s website. At the moment, it looks like users won’t have a choice when it comes to the platform they’ll buy the tickets from. Google makes that choice rather than presenting a list of possible outlets.

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You can also access the widget by searching for particular movie titles. If, for example, you searched for “Hellboy,” you’d open the special widget for movie search results. Scrolling across and tapping Showtimes would take you to the new widget where you could buy tickets to a showing at a local cinema.

movie ticket google widget

Other cool features include a number of handy filters for narrowing down the type of movie, theater, or even screen you’re looking for. You can also search for films based on critic rating and language. A particularly useful filter, if you’re not searching for a specific movie, is the genre filter. If you’re merely looking for a chance to get down to the cinema and see something on the big screen, you can search for a particular genre of movie and then see what films are available in that genre, where they’re on, and what time they’re showing.

All in all, the new feature is a little basic, but it does make it easier for you to buy movie tickets from your phone. There still doesn’t seem to be much scope, however, for buying tickets more than a couple of days in advance. This means if you’re looking to buy your “Avengers” tickets early, this isn’t the best way to do it.

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