Google Now updated with new cards

Google Now updated with new cards

Google Now has been updated, with new cards covering useful things like car rentals, concert tickets and commute sharing. Other cards have also been improved.

You can now set reminders when you search. If you’re searching for music or actors or TV shows and so on, there will be a new ‘remind me’ button. Clicking this will allow Google Now to remind you when new releases or shows etcetera appear.

Car rentals cards give you reservation details and directions, whereas the concert ticket card allows you to buy tickets so they’ll be waiting for you at the venue. Public transport information has been improved, says Google, and the commute sharing card lets you ‘inform your loved ones you are on your way home.’

For sports fans, Google Now has NCAA football scores in real time. The TV card has been updated so Google Now will tell you more about the news you’re watching, the music playing and other additional information. Tapping on your Android’s Mic and saying ‘listen to TV’ will apparently give you all of this information.

The update was announced on Google+, and many people in the comments are asking how many of these features work outside the US. Many users clearly feel that Google is adding more and more features for US users, but neglecting their international users. Many Google Now features don’t work in Australia and Europe, for example.

The Google Now update is available in the latest Google Search App for Android. Download it here.
It is compatible with Android 4.1 or above.

[Source: Google+]

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