Google Place Search helps you with local searches

Google Place Search helps you with local searches

Google can help you discover great new places if you know how to use it – like combining Google Search and Maps to find a sushi restaurant nearby. Now Google has made this function even easier to use with Google Place Search, a new local-oriented search feature.

The idea behind Google Place Search is simple, and so is the way it works. Whenever you type a local search in Google (like “sushi restaurant Barcelona”) the website will display results as a Place search, with extended information about each item. Of course, you can also use Google Place Search from the very beginning if you click on the Place logo on the left sidebar. Google will use either the name of the location you entered, or an estimate of your current location.

Google Place Search

Each place listed in results includes relevant information such as the complete address and phone number, pictures and even reviews from other users posted on different sites across the web, all neatly presented and organized. Definitely much better than combining Google Search, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, 411 and more!

Google Place will be slowly rolled out to all Google users in more than 40 languages over the next few days. If you don’t see it yet, you can use this special link to have a sneak peek at the new results.

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