Rumor: Google Play experimenting with app trials

Rumor: Google Play experimenting with app trials
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Google is reportedly testing a new feature in Google Play that will let you try an app before you buy it. This feature isn’t exactly revolutionary. While Apple doesn’t provide trials for its App Store, Amazon does with its Test Drive feature.

However, Google’s trialsfor its Play Store may be better than Amazon Test Drive. First off, Google may create smaller versions of apps for users to try with limited functionality. There’s also rumors that users will be able to choose specific features of an app to test out.

By creating smaller apps for customers to test, Google makes downloading and trying out apps super quick. This is good for users who want to try apps using their cellular networks with data caps.

Android may be the most popular mobile operating system in the world, but its app store still lags behind Apple’s in generating revenue. Google may be hoping that customers will buy more apps if they can try it before they buy.

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