Google saves a baby’s life in the most incredible way

Google saves a baby’s life in the most incredible way

Doctors were recently able to save a baby’s life, all thanks to Google Cardboard – the must-have virtual reality accessory by Google. The doctors, based in Miami used the device in order to visualize a 3D plan of the young girl’s heart in order to perform the life-threatening operation.

The baby girl was born in August without a kidney and almost half a heart – a condition that was practically unheard of in the medical world. Cardiology specialist Redmon Burke ordered a 3D plan of the heart, however the hospital printers were not working at that time. The team of doctors then came up with a way they could use the $20 Google accessory.

They downloaded the app “Sketchfab“, which allowed them to download images of the patient’s heart to their mobile device. They were then able to view the organ from every angle possible, making it easier to perform the operation with presision and of course, success!

“To see this little cardboard box and a phone, and to think this is what saved our daughter’s life” said the baby’s Mother.

Source: Huffington Post

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