Google Sheets is Proud to be Associated with Pride

Google Sheets is Proud to be Associated with Pride

Spreadsheets aren’t usually the most exciting things but sometimes they can surprise us. Google have tried to do just this by adding a rather charming little Easter Egg to Google Sheets.

You might remember a couple of weeks ago that we reported on Facebook’s new Pride Flag emoji, which was added to show support for the LGBTQ community throughout Pride month. Well Google didn’t want to get left behind on this and they thought that Sheets was the perfect place for them to show some covert support.

It is simple really but it should make you smile at least. All you have to do is type out pride across the top row of your spreadsheet and Google will automatically turn your latest spreadsheet into a rainbow. Voila!!!

How often do use Google Sheets? Will you be taking advantage of this fabulous little secret?

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