Google Sightseeing – Australasia

Taking a tour down underOK, so my stomach has just about recovered from the pummeling it took in Asia (or was that from my local curry house this weekend?) and I’ve arrived in the land down under for the next stage of my great Google Earth world tour. My first stop on this visit had to be one of the continent’s most recognised landmarks, Sydney Opera House. It’s an impressive sight indeed, but I was not half as excited as I was to visit Ramsay Street in Melbourne, the setting for arguably the greatest TV show in history, Neighbours.

The Aussies love their sport so I decided to check out the place where many a legend has been manufactured, the Australian Institute of Sport. Before I left Oz I had time to check out the world’s longest man-man structure, the Dingo Fence in South Eastern Australia, which stretches a whopping 5,000 km. The Thais I met on the last leg of my trip would’ve loved it here.

I’d always heard New Zealand was a beautiful place, and flying over the country on Google Earth is a breath-taking experience. When I wasn’t gawping at purple mountains and lush forests I had time to check out the Kawarau river and bridge, which is probably better known as Middle Earth’s Great River Anduin from the Lord of the Rings films. Couldn’t see Gollum though. From here I rounded off my NZ trip with a visit to some interesting spiral artwork in a field before jetting off to spend some time in Bikini Atoll, the place where my favourite garment was born. Think I’ll take in the sights here for another week or so…

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