Google Sightseeing: North America

Jet-setting in North AmericaHaving fully recuperated from our intrepid adventures in South America, insideTonic decided to take its global Google Earth world tour north. Drawn by the lure of the Yankee dollar I headed straight for the bright lights of Vegas where I hung out next to the fountain at the glitzy Belagio hotel, before blowing all my money in the casinos. Thankfully, the loss won’t affect my trip because it’s all free and I was just pretending to play in the casinos. So, thanks to the magic of Google I was then able to experience the magic of Disney at its Florida theme park without even leaving the office.

Bidding farewell to Mickey, I waved down at Michael Jackson playing on the swings at his Neverland ranch as I flew over to Hollywood, where I would rub shoulders with even more stars. The celebrity lifestyle got a little draining after a while so I decided to plot a course for more remote pastures, and managed to get a quite spectacular view of Niagara Falls.

After a whistle-stop tour of New York, where I took in the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the sombre sight of Ground Zero, I needed to cool off. The perfect tonic was to journey to the wilderness of Greenland where I’m currently frozen in awe at these beautiful glaciers. Hopefully I’ll have thawed out in time for the next stage of my trip, where I intend to hit Europe big.

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