Google unveils powerful new search tools

search options screenshotGoogle are constantly releasing new tools via Google Labs but their latest announcement at the Searchology event in Mountain View deserves a little more attention than most. Google have  launched four new search tools that will add greater power and sophistication to your searches:

Search Options

Next time you do a search, check in the top left-hand corner for “Search Options”. Search Options allows you to “slice and dice” results in order for you to refine searches more accurately. For instance, a search for “Softonic” will allows you to divide the results into videos, forums and reviews. You can also choose to filter out results by date and display a timeline of the results.


Rich Snippets

Highlights particular search results that are probably the most relevant to your search query. So for example, “Softonic VLC Review” might highlight a snippet of the review with the rating and conclusion. This function is however reliant on vendors entering their meta data into the Rich Snippets database so it’s not actually up and running yet.

Google Squared

This won’t be released for at least another month but will allow users to create instant spreadsheets from mountains of data. The BBC reports that during the Google Squared presentation, the term “small dog” was searched for and seconds later a table popped-up displaying various small dogs with their dimensions, ages and other useful info.

Google Sky Map

An application for mobile phones using the Android OS that allows you to search the stars. This impressive app allows you to point your G1 or HTC Magic phone at the skies and receive accurate information about exactly which stars your seeing. The phones’ built-in accelerometers and compasses mean that however you move it, Sky Map will know where your pointing. You can also use it to seek out stars, using the search feature. Stay tuned for a full review from Elena or Tom who have both recently made to move to Android.

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