Google Wallet lets you ditch your real one

If your wallet is simply taking up way too much space in your purse or jeans pocket, you’re going to want to take a look at Google Wallet. Ever since Gingerbread’s release, there’s been talk of how phones equipped with the latest version of Android could be used as credit cards. Now it’s becoming a reality with today’s launch of Google Wallet.


With a required PIN, Google claims Wallet will be simpler to access and more secure than paying with a traditional credit card. Google Wallet uses NFC (near field communication), so all you have to do is tap and pay anywhere with a MasterCard PayPass and you’ll be good to go, without the need to pull out a physical credit card for your transaction. You can also sync your Google Offers automatically to Google Wallet.

Currently, Google Wallet is only available on Spring’s Nexus S 4G phone to users with a Citi MasterCard, or those willing to put money on a Google Prepaid Card. That’s a relatively small user base. Just today though, Visa, Discover and American Express have also given Google their NFC specifications. This should open up more possibilities in the near future for users who don’t want to use the Prepaid Card to get on board. Is this the beginning of the end for cash?

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