Google’s Copresence could be its answer to Airdrop

Google’s Copresence could be its answer to Airdrop
Jonathan Riggall

Jonathan Riggall

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Google is preparing a competitor to Apple’s Airdrop, the feature that lets you easily share files and data between devices. Called Copresence, it will allow you to share files with other devices and even other operating systems, so you could share between your Android device and iPhone, for example.

Copresence was found in the latest Google Play Services APK. It’s the result of the company’s purchase of Bump last year. The technology in Bump could allow the transfer of files between Android and iOS, and could also monitor transactions to harvest data about user behavior, according to AppleInsider.

The advantage of Google’s system, obviously, is it won’t simply be locked to one eco-system. Airdrop only works between Apple devices, which is limiting. The concern with Copresence is that it’s potentially yet another way Google can use your behavior to better target advertisements. As we have written before, if you use a free service, you are actually paying by allowing companies to sell your data to third parties.

Copresence could be launched in the next few weeks, according to Android Police. We’ll find our more soon.

Sources: Android Police, AppleInsider

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