Google’s latest hidden games for the Olympics

Google’s latest hidden games for the Olympics

The Olympic games in Rio have already started and everybody is celebrating them in their own special way. Never one to disappoint, Google has decided to celebrate the games by putting 7 minigames in your smartphone. They might not be No Man’s Sky but hey, they’ll definitely help you kill some time.

It’s quite easy to find the games Google has slipped into your smartphone. Simply go into the Google app on your Android phone (you’ll need to download the Google app if you’re using an iPhone), and click the Google Icon with a strawberry.

The 7 games are related to sports, except instead of guiding Olympic athletes, you’ll be helping cheeky pieces of fruit win at their event. Help a strawberry escape from a melon, a pineapple win a game of tennis or turn a lemon into a swimming champion.

Are you up for the challenge? Tell us in the comments below.

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