Google’s new hotel search engine makes vacation planning easier

Google hotel vacation search

For a while now, Google has offered a special hotel search engine tab on your smartphone. The search company has today announced that the same feature will now be available on desktop, too. Let’s have a look at Google’s hotel search engine in a bit more detail.

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Google’s hotel search engine now available on both mobile and desktop

Google Hotel search console
This search console will appear in inside search results for hotels

If you’ve ever used Google to search for flights, you’ll be familiar with the types of customization options and toggles that Google has included in this new hotel experience. Simply searching for something like “hotels in Lima” will open the new hotel search panel, which includes all the new hotel specific search options.

The new panel will appear in the search results and will allow users to enter the dates of their stay as well as selecting options like, “Guest favorites,” “Budget options,” “Luxury stays,” and, “For tonight.” The new panel will also show the top hotel results as well as a map showing the locations of the hotels Google has listed. At the bottom of the panel is a button that says, “See … results.” This will show how many hotels Google has listed for that particular location and clicking it will open up the full Google Hotels search engine.

Google Hotels available on both mobile and desktop
The full Google Hotels search console

Once you’ve opened the full Google Hotels search console, you’ll be able to customize a whole range of filters and options. These include the city, the dates of the stay, and the number of people in the booking, as well as a slider for setting the price range.

Other filters include guest ratings of hotels and a range of hotel amenities like Wi-Fi, swimming pools, TV etc. As well as guest ratings, the search engine will also be able to filter by official star rating and will also include an option to search for vacation rentals rather than hotel rooms. Clicking on a particular hotel or vacation rental result will show more information and offer various partners and agents available to make a booking.

In a blog post announcing the new feature, Google mentioned that on the new Hotels console users, “…can browse hotel results easily with:

  • Photos from the hotel or fellow travelers
  • Hotel information, such as neighborhood and location.
  • Hotel reviews from around the web that can be searched by keywords like ‘air conditioning.’”

This new service has already begun rolling out globally so if you’re planning a trip head over to Google and start searching for hotels. We’d love to hear about your experiences with the new search console in the comments below.

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