Google’s new secret is the most bizarre yet

Google’s new secret is the most bizarre yet

Google has a reputation for hiding unusual secrets in all its products, but this latest one takes the cake.

Heard of Android O? It’s the code name for the next version of Android’s cell phone Operating System. It’s already in testing phases. Many details are already known but there’s still one to find out: What does the “O” stand for?

The answer may be found in a quirky secret that Google has hidden in the latest update of the Android O beta version. The O could stand for “octopus.”

In the new Android O version, if you go to Settings – System – About this phone, and then press the item “Android Version” a few times, a giant version of the “O” logo will appear. Once again, by pressing the logo for a good long while, a dynamic image will appear where you can control a rather creepy octopus.


In this video you can see the trick and the octopus in action.

Google has repeated this secret in each new Android version to give a sense of what the official name might be. This time, the usual part is that so far each Android version was named after a dessert or sweet. At least in my house, we don’t consider octopus dessert.

So, we’re facing two possibilities: either Android O breaks the tradition of dessert names, or Google is using red herrings to confuse everybody.

What do you think?

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