Google’s New Teachable Machine Lets You Teach a Learning AI

Do you want to know how a learning machine works? You can, now that Google has launched a small experiment called Teachable Machine.

With the Teachable Machine, you’ll be able to use your webcam to train a learning AI. You have three buttons: green, purple and orange. Press one and the machine will record everything it can see on the cam. Once you’ve learned enough, you can teach the machine to activate a GIF, a sound effect or some speech whenever certain things are seen through the camera.

For example, you can train the AI to say “moooo,” just like a cow, whenever you move your hand in a certain way.

Or you could train it to blast out guitar music and even drums whenever you play air guitar.

If nothing else, it is a fun experiment that teaches the limits of machine learning. It needs many examples to learn, it learns through patterns, and it requires a lot of guidance. But it also shows us the huge potential of these machines and whets our appetite for the future of this technology in just a few years’ time.


Via: Verge

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