Google’s shiny new job search engine couldn’t be simpler

Softonic Editorial Team


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Finding a job can be tough, but Google wants to help make it easier, and the webmaster has finally launched its promised job search engine that should do just that. All you have to do to access it is type jobs or internships into a Google search bar.

There are plenty of great options for specializing your search too. You can search for specific types of jobs typing science jobs for example. You could also look for jobs near me, or you could look for jobs in a specific location by typing something like Washington jobs.

Once you click on the jobs tab, you’ll get more details about the types of jobs you’re after. These details include the date the job was posted, the industry, the type of work, the location, and the company type. You can then filter and sort your search results accordingly and sign up for job alerts based on your preferences.

The only thing you can’t do on Google jobs is apply for the positions you like. Instead, Google will send you to the original posting of the job so that you can apply directly to the company.

What are you waiting for?

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