Google’s Voter Information Tool offers US election facts

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The US election is tomorrow. In a past blog post, I provided an offering of tools that could help you keep up with where each presidential candidate stood on the issues that matter most to Americans.

But for this election, do you know about various other offices, plus state referenda? Some states have a lot of other issues for voters to decide on this November 6. If you’re not sure how to determine what to vote for or against, or even where the closest polling place is to your home, Google’s new Voter Information Tool might be able to help you out with that.

Google’s new tool provides information on polling locations and ballot issues based on the address you’ve registered to vote at. Simply visit the Voter Information Tool, type in your address, and Google will provide you with the polling location closest to your home.

The Voter Information Tool goes well beyond simply letting you find your voting place though. Directly to the right of your polling place’s address, immediately underneath the “Ballot Summary” text is a list of many of the different races that you will likely be voting on, based on the address you’ve registered as your primary residence.

As you can see, California has 11 different referenda to vote on. Clicking any of them will take you to a PDF of California’s Official Voter Information Guide, which will give you all of the available information on each proposition, and arguments both for and against them.

You can also take a look at the history of this election cycle by clicking on the Primary Results link, view Google’s consumer surveys that help track public opinion on a variety of different key issues throughout the election, before and after key debates, and check out Google election search trends by state, to name a few cool additional features.

However you decide to vote, arm yourself with information that will prepare you to choose the candidate whose stance on the issues you agree with the most. Let your voice be heard, and happy voting tomorrow!

Amber Sass

Amber Sass

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