Gordon Brown confirms iPlayer for Mac & Linux

Gordon Brown confirms iPlayer for Mac & Linux

Gordon Brown says 'Yes' to iPlayer for LinuxA lot of people were really excited when the BBC launched the beta for its revolutionary iPlayer software, including our resident Net TV addict, Nick. The program works well, is full of great content and has proved fairly popular with EastEnders fans across the UK. Not everyone’s so happy with it, though. That’s because if you want to try the iPlayer, you’ll need to be using a Microsoft Windows PC.

Mac fans and Linux users alike are up in arms over the failure of the Corporation to release the software for their operating systems – and did what any indignant citizen would do. They petitioned on Gordon Brown to sort things out.

Making use of the much-maligned Petition the PM website, 16,000 OS rebels beseeched Britain’s leader to make the BBC release versions of the software for computers already liberated from the grip of the Windows hegemony. Eventually, the PM’s office responded with a statement which pretty much said that the iPlayer has nothing to do with Mr. Brown but that they were sure the BBC would play fair in good time. Perhaps not the greatest day in the history of democracy… personally, I’d rather people signed the anti-puppy farms petition, but there you go.

[Via: The Register]

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