Revolutionizing Education: Introducing GPTZeroX, the AI for Teachers

Revolutionizing Education: Introducing GPTZeroX, the AI for Teachers


It has always been said that there is no person more productive than one who is lazy, as they will find the easiest and quickest way to get things done. This is what university professors must be thinking these days about their students, who are using ChatGPT en masse for homework.


However, educators aren’t dumb either. The team behind GPTZero, led by Edward Tian, has introduced a new product, GPTZeroX. The tool is designed for use in education and is used to detect texts generated by artificial intelligence. Its operation is based on new detection models to ensure its effectiveness.

GPTZeroX provides access to its API for mass text processing, as well as holistic scoring of text and highlighting of individual AI-generated sentences. In addition, it can calculate the probability that a text was created by artificial intelligences such as ChatGPT, for example.

However, ChatGPT is currently able to generate writing that is quite impressive and convincing even to ourselves. How is GPTZeroX able to tell whether a text is artificial or not? The answer is quite simple: the system is based on the detection of two factors that are inherent to human beings, perplexity and explosiveness. By perplexity, it refers to the randomness of a sentence and by explosiveness, to the general randomness of all the sentences in a text.

As explained in The Decoder, bots tend to produce much simpler sentences than humans, which can alternate between different degrees of complexity.

AI detectors, a temporary solution?

Whether they are more reliable or not, there are many reasons why educators should not relegate over this type of tool. Generative models are not going anywhere for the time being and institutions need to prepare for this. While detectors may be helpful at times, educators need to rethink their methods and adapt them to current needs.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman himself predicts that the days of AI-generated text detectors are numbered before users find ways around them. Artificial intelligence raises many questions: should its use be encouraged among students or should such systems be banned outright?



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