The great absences of the Oscars: where are Babylon and Avatar 2?

Which films have been left out of the Oscars race?

The great absences of the Oscars: where are Babylon and Avatar 2?
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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The 2023 Oscars are about to take place and the nominated films could not be of higher quality. Films such as The Fabelman, Everything Everywhere All at Once or Souls in Sorrow in Inisherin have managed to position themselves as favorites to be the film of the year. However, as is always the case, not all the films have had the deserved slot.

Beyond the big surprises of the year, there have been other notable absences that are worth mentioning. Not because they will not win anything, because it is logical that the number of nominees is limited, but because that should not hide the fact that these are other great films of the year that deserve to be seen.


We leave you with a list of films that deserved more from the Hollywood Film Academy.

Llega “Nope!”, el hipnótico sci fi de Jordan Peele

Avatar: The Way of Water

Okay, we start the list with a bit of a cheat. Avatar 2 is nominated for Best Picture and has three other nominations: Best Sound, Best Visual Effects and Best Production Design. However, the phenomenon has been so big that we think it deserved much more than it can take.

It will most likely only be rated on visual effects alone, and considering it competes against the miraculous Everything at Once Everywhere, it may not even do that. Nevertheless, James Cameron’s new film has managed to become one of the most watched films in history, moving everyone to the cinema while managing to tell a beautiful story.

Therefore, I think it wouldn’t have hurt to get a nomination in adapted screenplay (since it’s a sequel, it would be in this category) or even in some other artistic category. Be that as it may, you can’t miss this delight that will arrive at some point to Disney Plus.

Avatar 2, de James Cameron, anuncia su fecha de lanzamiento doméstico en  plataformas digitales


The biggest robbery, for my taste, that there has been this year at the Oscars, is that of Babylon. Damien Chazelle has signed this year his most rounded film since La La Land, and he has done it with a spectacular technical workmanship and sublime performances of its three protagonists: Diego Calva, Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt.

Babylon has received three award nominations: Best Costume Design, Best Score and Best Production Design. Of these three, it will probably only win the second one (its music is sublime), but the film is of such a grandiloquence and workmanship that it deserved much more.

Not only is it better than many of the feature films nominated for Best Picture, it could have competed perfectly against Everything Everywhere and The Fabelman. Be that as it may, don’t miss it if you have time: it’s a three-hour treat.

Babylon”: Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt y más estrellas en el primer vistazo de  lo nuevo de Damien Chazelle - Infobae

The woman king

One of the most surprising absences was that of The Woman King, a film by Gina Prince-Bythewood about Africa in 1820. There have been many complaints from the United States that its non-nomination was due to racism, since these are the “least black” Oscars in years.

Whether for that or for any other reason, it is a highly recommended film that also features a spectacular performance by its leading lady, Viola Davis. Without a doubt, she deserved at least a best actress nomination.

La Mujer Rey': cómo acertar en feminismo pero suspender en historia |  Ciencia | EL PAÍS


Although I detested this film very much and it seems to me by far the worst of Jordan Peele’s films, there are many who complained that it was not nominated. Again, they said because of racism, since most of its cast is African-American, but the truth is that it has been left out of any award. Perhaps it deserved something for Best Original Screenplay, since Peele is always a hit, although I can’t imagine where else it could be placed.

Dónde se grabó la

Decision to leave

Finally, a wonderful international film that deserved to be nominated and even win some statuettes is Decision to leave. Directed by Korean Park Chan-wook, director of Oldboy or The Handmaiden, it is one of the most moving films of last year. And, of course, much better than others that are nominated.

Decision to Leave (2022) - Filmaffinity

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