The new Instagram feature you’ve all been waiting for

The new Instagram feature you’ve all been waiting for

You may not have noticed, but Instagram has recently implemented a new feature on the app that makes it much easier and faster to view photos.

The Facebook-owned app now has over 400 millon users, and if you’re one of them, you will have noticed that exploring photos isn’t the most efficient use of time.

Well, that all changed, but how?

Regular users will know that to view the full-sized photo on a profile you must click on it and wait for it to load the full version (on a separate page). To return to the rest of the photos, you must go back. It may not sound too much effort, but when your internet signal isn’t great, it’s a long and painful process.

Now everything has changed – see for yourself!

If you go to anyone’s profile (even your own), you’ll realize that if you click and hold your finger over one of the thumbnails, it becomes larger in a new window.  Pretty cool huh?

You can also swipe your finger down if you want to view the likes and comments, or even play the file if it’s a video.

Thank you Instagram!

Source: Business Insider

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