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Send digitally created greeting cards with Felt

Send digitally created greeting cards with Felt
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Welcome“Handwritten cards for the Modern World.”

These days, many people find it hard to make time for letters. If you reach the store and buy a large box of stationery, the remaining envelopes likely will haunt your desk drawer for years to come. Even when opportunities to use them arise, you’ll forget to seize them. Those letters just take up space!

The creators of Felt decided to fix this issue and more with an app that maintains all the joy of a handwritten, mail-delivered letter and adds the benefits of modern technology: speed, efficiency, and practicality.

These cards are Instagram-able! Receiving one makes you feel pretty fly. Overall…it’s something to write home about!

Send digital greetings with Felt

FeltLogoHow does it work? Simply put, Felt helps you design greeting cards on your phone and send them out as physical notes! Of course, since there are many apps that do this, Felt distinguished itself with an excellent and reliable system and a fascinating take on digital handwriting.

Let’s get into it! But before visiting the app, stop by the website a moment.

The Website


Know what we love? Modern website design! That may sound weird to admit, but hey: easily navigable, visually pleasing websites immediately make us feel like we’ve entered a welcome, professional environment.

In the case of Felt’s website, this means you can learn everything you need to know about their business by scrolling through a welcoming page!

Specifically, we recommend visiting their How it Works and Pricing sections, which get down to brass tacks and describe what you’re getting at what price. When you’re finished with that, you’re ready to get the app!

Felt: Birthday Cards Greeting Cards Thank Yous DOWNLOAD FREE ►

What’s in the app?


Welcome to the Felt home screen!

Here, you can hop right in and “Get Started.” However, if you want to explore, you can visit the other options:

  • “Subscribe to Felt” gives you two choices. An average subscription of $6 a month gives you three cards monthly. The deluxe package costs $19 a month and adds a free stylus, a custom card, and 40% off every card after the first three (singles normally go for $4 each). Keep this in mind as you continue along, and ask whether the price is right for you!
  • “About Felt Cards” provides a guide, much akin to the website.
  • “Birthday Reminders” does exactly what you’d expect: import your contacts so you never miss sending a Happy Birthday Card again!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the program!

Making Your Card


Nothing here yet! Hit “+” and you can start on your next creation:

Moving ForwardWhat are you hungry for? Greeting cards use pre-made designs while both of the photo options will connect you with your photo library. Please note, while the “Photo Caption Cards” give you a designated caption space, all cards can be personalized with writing on the front!

Of course, if you want to send a gift, you’re welcome to do so as well! Be warned, however, each of these options have pre-set packages. You’re not just adding flowers from any vendor, they’re bundles from Felt (and the flower prices start at $25).

When you’ve chosen your card – let’s say it was a classic “Thank You” affair – you enter the creation environment:

CreationEnvironmentWant to add something to the front or back? Click either panel!

Want to add another panel? After hitting the forward arrow (>), you’ll have the option to include more at $1 a piece.

For now, let’s add some writing:

Once Again

Here, Felt becomes truly revolutionary.

Rather than forcing you to choose text (which still remains an option), the creators designed a handwriting system that allows you to use your whole screen. Choose between two calligraphy tools, select a color, change the size of your brush, and have fun with it!


Whenever a word finishes or you need more space, hitting the double right arrow (>>) will move your screen to the next open space.

Thanks to the efficient use of a phone’s screen, you’ll find writing with a finger has never been easier and the results have never looked better. Our digital signatures usually looks like a mess of droopy vegetables in a skillet, but we managed to make a decent-looking “Hello!”

When you’re finished, you can add your destinations to the envelope and finish with checkout:


Which brings us to the real downside of Felt: the price.

As we mentioned before, a subscription costs $6 a month for three cards, meaning $2 per card! The solo cost of $4 per card can be surprising.

Still, the price may not seem too bad when compared to the benefits: digitally handwritten cards sent to anyone, anywhere, at any time with ease. They look great, the service is professional, and there are great FAQ’s on how to use the program and achieve the best results.

What’s not to like?


These apps hold up in areas Felt may not. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, these may be the answer!

123 Greetings


We don’t much care for 123 greetings. Their website is a bit of a convoluted mess, polluted with rampant ads.

So why include it? First and foremest, among other apps, 123 Greetings specializes in actual digital cards: when you stumble upon the right one you can send it via email, iMessage, WhatsApp, or more. Still, even then the program just sends a link to the card…

Despite our feelings, it ranks just behind Felt in the Apple app store. Felt: 5 stars, 42K reviews. 123 Greetings: 4.8 stars, 31.9K reviews! In situations like these, we assume the app was great but got inundated with ads to increase profit, but who knows?

Best we can say: if you want digital greeting cards, it’s a highly rated option.


Ink Cards

InkCardsInk Cards does exactly the same thing as Felt: it delivers physical renditions of digitally created greeting cards. Unfortunately, it doesn’t employ the same handwriting mechanics…

But fortunately, it costs a whole lot less!

Specifically, individual cards sent by Ink Cards will cost $2 each (rather than Felt’s $4) and still look great for the price. If you’re concerned about running out of your three cards one month with Felt and simply want an app that maintains a $2 price no matter how many cards you order, download Ink Cards and try out their program!


Video may have killed the radio star, but electronic messages failed to destroy physical letters. In fact, note cards are now used for special occasions because they lend greater meaning to a message. Isn’t technology wonderful?

We hope you enjoy sending notes with Felt or one of these other apps. Shoot a card to mom, check in with friends, or thank a mentor!

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins writes screenplays, novels, and articles from his home in La Mirada, California. He self-published hist first novel, 'Wynden's Legacy,' on Amazon in May of 2017 and hasn't stopped writing since.

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