GTA Online: Activities and Bonuses for the week of May 18th

New week full of content coming to Rockstar Games' game.

GTA Online: Activities and Bonuses for the week of May 18th
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

After closing an intriguing chapter focused on drugs (Last Dose) in GTA Online, the multiplayer is gearing up to receive another new week full of updates. As expected, it comes with fresh content, this time focused on workshop bonuses.

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“Citizens from all over can hear the roar of engines at the LS Car Meet, the hub of automotive culture in Los Santos. Inside this graffiti-filled warehouse, a good vibe fills the air, with stylish vehicle customizations and limitless horsepower. In the underground tuning scene, an entrepreneurial spirit takes center stage this week, with workshops offering limited-time bonuses and event coverage. Additionally, you can earn double reputation points at the Car Meet and much more.

This is the description that GTA Online presents for the new activity. But what lies behind it? Firstly, if you manage a workshop (available at a 30% discount this week), you’ll have access to your own modification area, special owner discounts, and the opportunity to customize vehicles for clients’ jobs. Moreover, successful deliveries will grant triple the usual GTA$ and RP.

On the other hand, completing robbery contracts will earn you triple rewards, while sourcing rare export vehicles will net you double GTA$ and RP this week.

In addition to all this, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions have exclusive features. This week, you can earn double reputation points by participating in street races or pursuits, driving on the test track, or trying out other activities in Los Santos Tuners.”

And the cars

As expected, we also have new cars. This week, we can take a look at the upgraded version of the custom Pfister Astron (off-road), ready for any chaotic situation that may arise. In addition, the Time Trial HSW takes place between Ron Alternates and Elysian Island.

If we pay a visit to Simeon Yetarian and check out the Premium Deluxe Motorsport, we’ll find the following cars: the Dinka Blista Kanjo (compact) with the Urban Samurai livery for a limited time, the Vulcar Warrener HKR (sedan), the Annis Remus (sports car), the Dinka Jester RR (sports car), and the Pfister Comet S2 (sports car with a 30% discount). On the other hand, at Luxury Autos, we’ll have the Emperor Vectre (sports car) with the Xero 29 livery for a limited time, as well as the Dinka RT3000 (sports car with a 30% discount).

“Drive your vehicle in enclosed spaces, dodge bullets, and collect crucial power-ups to come out victorious in Drive Vengeance (urban), which has recently returned to GTA Online. Push your limits in this motorized chaos and earn double GTA$ and RP this week,” the statement concludes.

If we win four short races this week, we can take home the Übermacht Cypher (sports car), a symbol of German engineering and efficiency, equipped with the Xero Team livery. Additionally, the LS Car Meet continues to offer rewards this week, and we have three test vehicles on the tracks: the Karin Calico GTF (sports car), the Bravado Banshee (supercar) with the Beach Party livery for a limited time, and the Vapid Dominator ASP (racing car with a 30% discount).

Finally, by playing the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond Casino & Resort, we can walk away with the Obey Tailgater S (sedan), the cousin of the original Tailgater that places obligation and devotion on an equal level.

The community series

In the Community Series, you’ll find the best of the best in activities created with the GTA Online Creator. It’s a place where users unleash their creativity, ranging from technical stunt races to chaotic melee deathmatches.

If you head to the series icon in Legion Square, you can earn triple rewards (GTA$ and RP) by playing some of the top content created by community members:

  • Rezy’s Paintball by WhyRezzyy: Unleash your tactical side in this team-based deathmatch inspired by paintball. Coordinate with your team and aim for the head.
  • W_Kart Land by wimpendahl: There’s no better way to relive your childhood than embarking on this colorful kart race.
  • MotoBlender 2 by mati_95pl: Maintain speed through banked turns and avoid crashing to claim victory in this well-planned race where geometry plays a crucial role.
  • KILLER LOOP – by lorishark88: Gravity is one of your main adversaries in this technical stunt race. Keep your cool as you navigate through the loop.
  • Geometry II by prototypetom: It’s a thrilling team-based deathmatch with pistols and shotguns. With a bit of coordination, teams can control the central arena by taking advantage of its verticality, but they must watch out for enemies flanking them from all directions on the map.
  • Biri Biri Unarmed (Team) by mmSYOKENmm: What happens when players are forced into melee combat while trying to dodge dozens of electrified obstacles in this chaotic deathmatch we discovered through the #CommunitySeries tag on Social Club? Things get wild.
  • Yukaringo Palace & Chamber by eArly4u: The #CommunitySeries tag has also unearthed this beautifully designed acrobatic race, where a red carpet is rolled out for all participants as they drive through a cleverly constructed castle.

And as usual, GTA+ members (5.99 euros per month) will receive a wide variety of bonuses, advantages, and much more until June 12th, including:

  • Free Vapid Slamtruck.
  • Free Drone Station for your Arcade.
  • Two free Chameleon Paint Jobs.
  • Triple GTA$ and RP in Free Mode events.
  • Discounts on garages and more.
  • 500,000 GTA$ bonus once billing is delivered.

Additionally, there are also discounts on workshops, modifications, and more of up to 30% to take advantage of the numerous vehicle offers and “save the time and energy you would lose by outsourcing their customization”:

  • 30% discount: Workshop.
  • 30% discount: Workshop upgrades and modifications.
  • 30% discount: Pfister Comet S2 (Sports).
  • 30% discount: Dinka RT3000 (Sports).
  • 30% discount: Vapid Dominator ASP (Supercar).
  • 30% discount: Maibatsu Penumbra FF (Sports).

Locate the Mobile Operations Center to enjoy a rotating selection of discounted weapons (10% off) such as the Hell Satan (10% off) and the Special Carbine (30% off), thrown weapons (15% off), and armor (20% off), with even greater offers for GTA+ members.

  • Hell Satan (35% off for GTA+ members).
  • Special Carbine (30% off).
  • Heavy Revolver.
  • Minigun | Grenade Launcher | Sniper Rifle | Molotov Cocktails (15% off).
  • Proximity Mines (15% off).
  • Grenades (15% off).
  • Armor (20% off).
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