GTA Online goes live at 7am ET

Jonathan Riggall


You’ve had two weeks to play through the story mode, and from 7am ET you’ll be able to go online, join a crew and play the ambitious GTA Online, which is free if you own GTA V.

History is littered with disastrous online game launches – who can forget SimCity this spring? Rockstar Games will have their work cut out for them with GTA Online, as even access to the Social Club servers was strained on the day GTA V was launched. Will everyone be able to jump into GTA Online as soon as it goes live?

GTA Online goes live at 7am ET

Once you’re online, Rockstar is promising that levelling up and making money will never be a grind, as is often the case with online gaming. ‘Doing robberies, stick-ups, winning races and other profitable activities‘ will be the focus online, and later in the year there will be a Content Creator tool so you can create your own online activities.

Character creation is a little different – you’ll begin by choosing your gender, mother and father. Decide if either parent has ‘genetic dominance’, then choose from a set of ‘lifestyle variables’ that will add to your character’s appearance and starting stats.

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[Source: Rockstar]

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