GTA V achievements leaked

GTA V achievements leaked

Reliable sources have reported the first leaked achievements for the upcoming mega action blockbuster Grand Theft Auto V. The list gives some hints about what you’ll be doing in the game once it hits stores on September 17.

GTA V: Leaked Achievement List

Based on the usual achievement total of Gamerscore (GS) 1000 for retail games, this list seems not to be complete yet. Nonetheless it’s an interesting sneak preview of the action around the new main characters Michael, Trevor and Frankin. Be advised that the achievement list could contain spoilers!



GTA V Achievement Fashion Victim Bronze/GS 10 Fashion Victim
Buy and wear all the clothes of all the stores in Los Santos.
GTA V Achievement Speed Maniac Bronze/GS 10 Speed Maniac
Fully tune up a car but drive no faster than 30 MP/H (50 KM/H) for 10 minutes.
GTA V Achievement Nailbaitin Bronze/GS 10 Nailbitin’
Fail for your drivers’ license exam five times in a row.
GTA V Achievement Uncharted Bronze/GS 10 Uncharted
Get totally lost! Crash every vehicle into the sea.
GTA V Achievement Globetrotter Bronze/GS 10 Globetrotter
Fly to London or Tokyo within the first five hours of the game.
GTA V Achievement I know this guy! Silver/GS 50 I know this guy!
Find an ‘old friend’ in the streets of Los Santos.
GTA V Achievement No more birds Silver/GS 50 No more birds
Find the only pigeon in Los Santos and set it free.
GTA V Achievement Ladies Man Silver/GS 50 Ladies’ Man
Get romantically involved with all the “ladies of easy virtue” of Los Santos.
GTA V Achievement Big Old Wise Man Silver/GS 50 Big Old Wise Man
Convert all the gang bosses to Buddhism.
GTA V Achievement Habemus Padrinum Gold/GS 100 Habemus Padrinum
Finish the whole game in Latin.
GTA V Achievement Pacifist Gold/GS 100 Pacifist
Beat the game without using guns.
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