GTA V Official Site updated, explore more of Los Santos

GTA V Official Site updated, explore more of Los Santos

The official Grand Theft Auto V site has been updated with more content leading up to its September 17th release. Rockstar has updated the site for you to explore the corruption in the Los Santos Police Department as well as giving players a look into the leisurely activities that will be available to them in the game. The update also includes new artwork of Lester, who was revealed in last week’s Official Trailer announcement.

There are hilarious fake news stories about the LSPD and their corruption. One headline reads, “MAN AGGRESSIVELY FILMING POLICE ARRESTED – DOG KILLED” attached to a short story about LSPD killing a man’s dog for filming them. There’s also a video “ad” from the famous armaments store in the Grand Theft Auto series, Ammu-Nation. The video shows an “Apocalypse Kit” full of weapons, food, and other things to help you survive the End of Days.

Lester GTA V

Also updated is the “Fitness & Relaxation” section of the site that shows off all the athletic things your characters can do on their off time. There’s biking through the Blaine County countryside and even a triathlon with swimming, biking, and running. There’s another sponsored “ad” from EGO CHASER Energy Bars.

Last but not least, there’s information about the types of music you can look forward to in the game. Last week some enterprising fans ripped every audio file from a pre-release download, which gave fans the complete soundtrack to the game.

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