GTA V trailer – what we’ve learned

GTA V trailer – what we’ve learned

Now the trailer’s been released after a week of frenzied and often pretty funny speculation, what can we say for sure about GTA V?


Vinewood appears, meaning we’re returning to San Andreas. Like GTA San Andreas, this looks to be another huge game, with multiple locations. It looks like there’ll be the same mix of city and countryside, but we don’t know if there will be more than one city. However, the jet plane at the end suggests there may somewhere else to fly to, and it’s great to see planes back after their absence in Grand Theft Auto IV! It also looks to have a pretty contemporary setting from the cars we see, although it could be set any time in the last decade.


Our narrator sounds a little older than what we’re used to, but his story sounds like one we’ve heard before: a bad guy trying to go straight, but of course, it doesn’t go that way. There’s no indication this middle-aged family man will be the only character. The trailer is cleverly ambiguous about that…


With the depictions of homelessness mixed with the opulence of Vinewood, it’s clear Rockstar isn’t shying away from the grittiness that GTA IV introduced. But at the same time, there appear to be fighter jets and airplanes, so we may see more of the excess that made so many people fall in love with the original San Andreas.

Did the trailer live up to your expectations, or are you disappointed the rumor of a Detroit setting didn’t come to pass? We’ll be sure to keep you updated with whatever we hear about the game in coming months!

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