GTA V: What’s in the shack?

GTA V: What’s in the shack?

We’ve made it to the GTA V shack and know what’s inside! In this article we’ve got a video walkthrough that will tell you exactly how to get there. The question that’s plagued fans of GTA V since the gameplay video is What's in the shack?! For some reason the hut on top of the mountain has attracted the curiosity of hundreds of users on Reddit and the speculation has got out of control!

On top of Mount Chiliad it’s easy to confirm Reddit user Scadilla's theory: it's all a matter of perspective! What looks like a shack is actually a shed, namely the cable car station. Inside the shed, we found a parachute and one of the 50 fragments of a letter that need to be collected. Just outside there's also a motorcycle and a ramp from where you can launch yourself into the air to enjoy the best view of GTA V. In this video we show you how to get to the shed and take flight with the parachute!

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